The Field, Inc.

  • Awarded grant to participate in workshops in grant writing and artist management
  • Assigned an artist to work on the company’s branding, mission statement, scheduling, business management, and promotion.

R.Evolución Latina

  • Project Management Workshop with Stephanie Zeiler, Global Business Process Management at McGraw-Hill Financial, Inc.


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PRESS QUOTE from HITN – Early Learning Collaborative: A direct quote from Blanca in published press (PR Web Online) about a partnership she formed for the organization she works for at HITN; in reference to Early Learning Collaborative’s community outreach.

RADIO INTERVIEW ARTICLE from The Next Gen Insider thanks to Elizabeth Barry of Elizabeth Barry & Associates, celebrating Blanca’s radio interview with Syndicated New‘s Ruthie Tucci. Title: “Blanca Vasquez is On the Rise”

VOICE ACTOR ARTICLE from The Next Gen Insider by Elizabeth Barry of Elizabeth Barry & Associates, uncovering a little on Blanca the Voice Actor and her voiceover successes. Title:  “Blanca, The Artist With A Voice”

GENDANCE NEWSLETTER from The Next Generation of Dance Marketing by Elizabeth Barry of Elizabeth Barry & Associates, keeping up with Blanca and her past voiceover career.  Title: “Read it… Aloud!”

R.EVOLUCION LATINA BLOG from R.Evolución Latina’s blog, the team are given the rare opportunity to share their thoughts and aspirations.  Title: “Start With Yourself: Blanca Vasquez”